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  About us:  


Catatom is rooted in love. I'm a psychological counselor. My husband Stephane Le Caignec is a French teacher. We have been living in Shanghai since 2008. After we met and fell in love with each other, during a discussion about whether to adopt pets, Stephane, who was brought up in a family intimate with cats, told me explicitly that he would like to keep a cat. As a result, I, who knew nothing about cats before, began to get close to them and voluntarily  adopted Tina and Jenny in succession. Looking at these two lovely cats, I was  touched by the  idea coming to my mind that I should be responsible for their whole life ever since. Gradually Tina and Jenny get used to the new environment and begin to trust and depend on us. As an indispensible part of our life, they arouse the purest and most selfless sentiment deep in our heart—love.
In the past, while we were out for business, we tried to leave them at  pet care home. At that time, we did not realize that for cats it was no different from desertion. When we went to the foster home to get Tina and Jenny back, they huddled themselves in a corner, as if we were strangers. At the thought that they had to share one room with unknown cats and to fight to defense their territory, we came to the realization that the decision to leave them to others was wrong: we did not put ourselves in Tina and Jenny’s position; we should not thrust them aside like “things” when we are busy. Cats also have feelings and can be anxious but may express them in different ways, which are habitually ignored by self-righteous men. Later, we find out a better way to care for cats while owners are out  temporarily: cats need not leave accustomed surroundings; instead, we will go to them and attend them from their points of view. This is how Catatom came into being. In the past years, we have paid visits to homes of many cat lovers and built up trust in each other. Catatom is still in its infancy and we are fully convinced that we will create more service value through continuous contact with and more understanding of cats.
“A nation’s prosperity and morality are reflected in its attitude towards all the living creatures.” Convinced that more and more cat-loving family families will come to know us and accept such services, we warmly welcome genuine cat lovers to join Catatom and let’s explore the world of cats together!
Compared with human beings, cats are much more short lived. May all the cats in their limited life time can live merrily together with their owners!

                                    Co-founder of Catatom:  Yang Li

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