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  List of home services  

1. Everyday cleaning of the drinking water container + filling the water container + everyday
  cleaning and filling of the food container with dry cat food or else according to the wishes of 
  the owner.
 2. Daily care: wash cat's eyes, ears or face.
3. Brushing the cat to help blood circulation.
4. Everyday caresses and playing.
5. We pay attention of the cats habits and temper (sleep, food, play)
6. Send by email or sms pictures or video of cats.
7. In case of a health problem or strange behavior of the cat the 
  owner will be immediately informed by mail or telephone.
8. The date of return of key must be imperatively given before the departure of the owner. On 
  that date a report will be submitted by CATATOM regarding the behavior of the animal during 
  the owners absence.
9. We prepare a file on each animal. The information regarding each will only be transferred 
  according to the wish of the owner.

Other fee services

1. Psychotherapy: by professional pet psychological doctor for you to solve the problem of the 
  behavior of the cat.
2. Special care: ear drops, drug delivery, cutting nails, hair care.
3. Clean the ground: sweep dust and cat hair.
4. Out for service: help you buy or receive some of the things, help you paying bills, take your 
  kitten or dog to see a doctor.
5. Dog walking: twice a day

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