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Cats’ Psychological Health (7)
Cats Out of Humor
Cats will bite or scratch people in self-defense--such as when their tails get pulled by naughty kids. But flying into a rage for no reason is absolutely unacceptable.

Some cats will warn before getting mad by roaring deeply, wagging tail violently or shivering. But some cats will lose temper all of a sudden. Either way, you have to make sure that the cat you are holding is not going to attack you.

It is confusing that some cats will bite people suddenly when they are patted and stroked. This kind of cats are resting on your lap and enjoying your stroke before they turn their heads to take a bite of your hand one minute later! Unfortunately, there is such a cat in my clinic and its name is Henry. Male cats are more likely to do this for unknown reasons. There are two assumptions: 1. Cats are tired of your stroke and they do not know how to tell you this but bite you. 2. Cats feel so comfortable under your stroke that they fall asleep but are awoken later only to find that they cannot move freely so they bite. Cats’ aggression results from fear. Speaking to them softly or moving slowly will help them relax.

Just like human beings, some cats will change their target------they are enraged by other things but will vent their anger upon the owners or other cats. For example, your cats hear or smell other cats and fell threatened but will turn to bite you. When things like this happen, owners can cut off the source of stress or use hydraulic gun to cats. It is also possible that aggressive acts are results of nervous system disease or other ailments. If abrupt changes happen to your cats and they become very aggressive, you should take them to the veterinary hospital to receive physical examination.

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