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  Cat psychology:  
Cats’ Psychological Health (5)
Increase Cat Population 
Cats are animals of habit, and they hope that things around them stay the same. When you bring home a new cat, you can feel this more deeply. Sometimes, cats display great sense of responsibility to the newcomer, but sometimes they will be contemptuous of this new cat and even the owner.

Looking for a good partner for your cat is as difficult as finding a satisfactory cat. I always tell the owners that you increase the number of the cats not because your cat wants a partner but because you want to keep another cat. So when the new-coming cat and the first cat are in conflict, you are responsible for that.

Owners who want more cats often ask me about the gender of the newly-added cat. Until now no research about if cats are fastidious with the sex of their partners is done. Numerous owners are worried that male cats will urinate here and there. But if cats are sterilized before estrus, this will not be a problem. Female cats can also urinate here and there but they seldom do this. Cats of either sex can excrete outside of litter tray to mark territory or express resent. If there is only one or two cats at home, it is rare that they will piss and shit everywhere.

I think if you have a big cat at home, it will be easier to add a kitten.  Under such circumstances, the territory and leadership of the first cat have been set up and the new kitten poses little threat to its authority. Maybe old cats cannot bear the naughtiness and liveliness of kittens, so they will not be too close to kittens. You’d better keep the newcomer in another room so as to leave enough room for old cats to take a rest.

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