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  Cat psychology:  
Cats’ Psychological Health (1)


For the cat owners, the pleasure of getting along with cats lies in the fact that cats are not totally domesticated.

Cats’ normal life depends on their instincts of hunting, self-protection and excrement. Cats instinctively mark their own territory by pissing and scratching; games between them are kinda brutal; and they may launch a sudden attack on their prey. Those behaviors may make the owners feel a little bit uncomfortable, but on second thought, we will know that our expectations of turning them into meek and docile pets are inconsistent with their natural instincts.

Compared with dogs, cats are better as domestic pet since they take less room and feel safer at home than staying outside. They need attention from their owners and are well adapted in groups. It is incorrect to think that your cat does not need you. Though cats can stay indoors for a whole day while the owners are at work, they really do not like it.

Key to Cat Psychological Health
A happy life is essential for your cat, which needs not only the owner’s concern but also a colorful environment (in cat’s eyes). If a cat is not confined, it will spend much time hunting in a day. This can bring the pet psychological stimuli, challenges and chances to exercise, which will make the cat psychologically healthy.

Cats communicate by sharpening claws, through which their claws are well-maintained. Therefore, at least a cat tree and some nearby room are needed in a cat’s living environment and the cat should be trained to use the cat tree. If the cat fails to learn to use cat tree, she will look for alternatives in the room.

Cats kept indoors won’t busy themselves hunting for food, and this may lead to boredom and obesity. The owners should train cats to perform some skills and award them with delicious food. Throw out the bonus and let your cat chase it. Or place a little food in other places and let the cat sniff for it.

The creation of some vertical space can delight you cat more.  Cats like jumping on to higher place to look down. Leaping can also keeps cats active. A high perch is enough. If two or more cats live within small place, cat tree and perch can provide them with more room and reduce the pressure caused by confined space.

The placement and sanitation of litter box also have great influence on cat’s psychology. The first explanation for cats’ pissing and shitting everywhere is that the placement and sanitation of litter box do not meet the cat’s needs. Many cat behavior specialists advocate that each cat should have its own litter box.

Though cats do not like playing less as they age, games still play an important role in keeping cats psychologically healthy. May cats play with toys, but interaction with their owners is crucial. Attaching, pursuing, and biting in games will not only get cats out of boredom but also train their body. Do not refuse to play with a cat seemingly not interested in games: the owners can gradually find out toys (such as feathers or laser pen) that catch her attention and play with her.

In order to keep your cat delighted, you can install a bird feeder outside the window, so the cat can watch the bird through the window. Or place an aquarium in your home. These measures can bring more excitement to cats longing for hunting.

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