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  Cat psychology:  
Cats and Babies
Many families have reservations for letting cats and the new-born baby living under the same roof, and people in the past even held the belief that cats might even kill babies. In fact, it is not as scary as people imagined. It is most likely that cats are envious of the babies because the babies get more love from the owners or they just get addicted to baby smell. In order to protect their babies, some families send the cats to foster care or find another owner for them.

In fact, cat likes to approach babies merely because he regards it as a cozy place instead of wanting to hurt the babies. The solution is pretty simple: first of all, do not leave the baby and the cat alone together; further measures can be taken to avoid potential danger such as putting up cat net around pram or crib.

Cat needs to get used to the smell of the baby and accept the baby’s existence. As it gradually accepts this new family member, it will not feel strange any more. As the owner, do not forget to show more care and attention to the cat while it is adapting to the newcomer so he won’t feel neglected due to the existence of the baby. In this process, the cat will accept the baby as a friend instead of theat.

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