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  Cat psychology:  
Symptoms of Cat Psychological Depression

Psychological depression may lead cats to act weird, such as urinating or defecating within the room, chewing clothes or even becoming unduly nervous while cleaning up. Reasons responsible for cat depression mainly include illness, pain or fear, or such changes in their life as the coming of a new baby or a new pet. Things are even worse for cats without owners.

Cat Depression-Anxiety

Those cats seem very nervous: they crouch on the ground and some of them gasp or moult. Muscular tension and pupil dilation are also symptoms frequently seen in anxious cats.

Cat Depression-Aggressiveness

A gentle and sweet cat may become aggressive overnight and claw and scratch its owner. These abnormal behaviors are not groundless. It is very possible that the cat doesn’t fell well and should be taken to the vet. Sometimes cats suffering from discomfort may express their unhappiness by scratching the furniture and clothes.

Cat Depression-Pissing Indoors

Certain changes in daily life or the coming of a new cat may make him feel annoyed and depressed. Under such circumstances, he will piss indoors. The soiled area should be cleaned with disinfectant so as to remove the cat urine smell and to prevent him from pissing again in the same place.

Cat Depression-Over-grooming

Some depressed cats are excessively particular with their hairs and they keep licking and chewing certain part of their body for no reason, which may cause dermatitis, eczema and even baldness. For such a cat, a vet may use tranquiller to soothe and ease his anxiety and depression.

Cat Depression-Chewing Wool Fabric

Some oriental cats, in particular Siamese cat and Burmese cat, may develop the habit of chewing hairy garment or other woolens. This kitten-like behavior is also the result of certain kind of depression.

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